3 Dishes To Try in El Segundo Over The Weekend of Sept 1 – 3 2018

Here are 3 dishes to try in El Segundo this weekend. They may not be the most popular and may be off the beaten path but we think you will like them.

Carne Asada Burrito

-Carne Asada Burrito can be a monster here because you can add in whatever you want from their ingredient bar. You will direct the person behind on what you want exactly in the burrito. Build it big! $8. Cilantro, 962 Main St., El Segundo

Cheese and Chips

-Cheese and Chips are an old-school dish. They are exactly that, very cheesed-up chips. Did we mention cheese? You can get a half order as well. $6. La Paz 514 Center St.,  El Segundo

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

-Pepperoni and mushroom pizza, well done. $10.25 for a medium plus add ons. Little Gourmet. 117 Main St., El Segundo

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