Another El Segundo Restaurant Closes on Main St.

Another El Segundo restaurant closes on Main St. It has been a tough week for El Segundo’s Main St. First the Main St. Cafe ceases operation and now the Waikiki Hawaiin Grill has officially shut its doors with a note saying it has changed hands.

The old owners said they have no plans to open up another location anywhere, anytime soon. They posted the note in the window and locked the doors.


El Segundo has seen a series of business openings and closing lately. As these two shuttered, Cigar & More put up their signs looking like they will be opening soon. They replaced the departed Banner Stationers at 415 Main St. Recently ALI’I Fish Co raised their sign as well which means they should be open soon on Grand Ave. They replaced Beach Mex which closed earlier after a long run as well.

Waikiki Hawaiin Grill had been in their location at 243 Main St. since the fall of 2013. They replaced a Pho business that seemed to open and close in a very short time.

No word yet as to whether the location will remain with the same name and concept.

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