Another New Restaurant Is Moving Into El Segundo

Another new restaurant is moving into El Segundo. ALI’I Fish Co will take over the Beach Mex location on Grand Ave. This is a Hawaiian fish company. These types of restaurants have become very popular in the last couple of years in Los Angeles as they make the jump from the islands in the Pacific.

So far the company has put up signage and an open date will be forthcoming. There is not a web page nor a Facebook page so far. The signage says they will also serve Ahi burgers.

Fit For A King

ALI’I translates to Kings in Hawaiian. In the early days of the islands, the Kings were served only the finest of fish.

The Hawaiian fish business has caught fire on the mainland. According to Forbes there were only 67 of these types of restaurants outside of Hawaii in 2012. There are now more than 1,900.

The poke business is currently booming. Major players are in a race to open a number of restaurants. Some of the chains are reporting revenues up to $50 million. This has put savvy investment firms to be on the hunt for smaller groups who may want to cash out.

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