Another Restaurant About To Close On Main St In El Segundo

Another restaurant is about to close on Main St. in El Segundo. The Main St. Cafe will close Friday after a run at the corner of Main St. and Pine Ave. The business had been there over 10 years, the current owner has decided to cease operations at this location.

Main St. has been the changing face of the “New” El Segundo. As many mom-and-pop shops have closed their doors and moved aside, allowing for hipper and trendier establishments to set up shop.

Changing City

Places like Playa Blanca, Indian Summer and Mandy’s Family Restaurant have all moved on from their prime locations and either relocated to others or simply just shut down. Even the former post office has been overhauled to become the Brewport Tap House. All of the new places are drawing crowds.

The once sleepy beach town now plays witness to a new crowd of people. Downtown is being led by places like Brewport, Sausal, El Segundo Brewing Company and Rock & Brews just to name a few. The Tavern on Main has adjusted its entertainment and food menu to please the locals and new people discovering the city.

No word yet as to who will take over the space where the Main St. Cafe stands. It doesn’t look to be vacant very long however.

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