Are there Homeless Issues Here in El Segundo?

Are there homeless issues here in El Segundo? This is something that the El Segundo Police Department are spending a little more time examining. And it is not only El Segundo that is taking a hard look at this issue, it is all of Los Angeles.

The story just hit home locally in El Segundo recently when the ESPD came across a homeless encampment at the corner of Douglas St. and Coral Circle.

There they found things such as bolt cutters, gloves and a machete.

Many residents have been complaining about seemingly more brazen crime in town. Some are starting to leave comments on our Facebook page about it.

Homelessness On The Rise

Los Angeles county is home to approximately 58,000 homeless people according to reports. Of that, 5,000 are children and 4,000 are elderly. About a third are mentally handicapped.

Sometime after 2010 the homeless population in Los Angeles County started to snowball. It has been a huge issue with the Los Angeles City Council. A number of ideas have been bantered about to try to stem the growth and help out.

With that growth has come more and more arrests. As crime in El Segundo continues to come into focus, people are asking if the homeless population will start to head towards the city? If so, what kind of effect will it have on residents’ quality of life? Is there something that can be done to help these people out?

One thing for certain, after seeing what was discovered with these homeless folks, the ESPD will be keeping close tabs on the situation.


-Photo courtesy of El Segundo Police Department


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