Best Burger in Town

Who has the best burger in town? That is a question that is going to get you a whole lot of answers. If there is one thing that residents of El Segundo have, it is an opinion on who slings the best burger.

With more and more local restaurants seemingly getting into the burger game, we decided to ask the locals where the best spot is. The idea came up because it seems that burger prices are on the climb at some places. With the increase in price comes bragging rights to the added quality of, not only the meat, but all add ons as well.

“See, I’m not an In-N-Out person at all,” said Christy. “I love the burgers at The Tavern (on Main) though.”

The Tavern was mentioned a couple of times, as was Standard Station. But according to Christy there is a clear winner.

“The Patio (Old Town Patio) makes the best burger,” said Christy. “They get their meat ground fresh in Manhattan Beach. The meat is always so fresh.”

In-N-Out seemed to be on a lot of people’s minds. That was the one brand that many people used as the standard to compare others to. When bringing that brand up, Five Guys, along with the Habit get lumped together.

“I am an In-N-Out girl,” said Diane. “I love their burgers so it really depends on who you ask. They make a great burger.”

But Deanna, is just ok with In-N-Out. “In-N-Out are just eh,” she said. “But the kids really love them.”

The Winner Of The Best Burger In Town

Deanna has done a tour of the local burger stops but has a clear winner.  “The Tavern is good and Standard Station, I love their burgers because they are not frozen. Both the Habit and Five Guys are good too.”

So who has the best burger in town?

It all seems to come back to the Patio’s fresh meat.

“The Patio has that fresh, ground beef,” said Deanna. “Their sliders are amazing. They get their meat ground in Manhattan beach.”

Shawna Cousins owns the Old Town Patio. She was pleasantly surprised when we told her that she seemed to have the best burgers in town.

“Oh, wow, that is great,” she said. “We get our meat at the Manhattan Meat Market. Our chef’s form the patties here. They are really great. I try to plug them every chance I get. We sell the burgers all day long.”

So it seems that the Old Town Patio is the winner amongst those we asked. The Tavern on Main and the Standard Station were next followed by In-N-Out then Five Guys and the Habit.

These are not the only burgers in town but the ones that came to mind by those we asked one morning. One thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong if you like burgers and live in El Segundo.

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  • Lisa VanDenBerghe says:

    personally, i like big mike’s subs for burgers, he only has the one burger on the menu, meat is best and fresh, 🙂

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