Change Keeps Rolling In

Change keeps rolling in to fill the exiting businesses in El Segundo. Or so it appears. And it doesn’t look like it is going to be stopping anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it isn’t just rolling, it seems to be at a full-tilt sprint at this point.

This past week seemed to bring it all to a head. Banner Stationers posted a banner telling everyone that goods were being offered at a 50-percent discount. Why would anyone do that?

“They doubled my rent and I can’t afford to stay,” said Kevin McCormick, the Banner’s owner. “I have been here 61 years and now I have to move on.”

Just down the street from them D’arte Connection also closed up shop. The windows there were covered with brown paper. They had been in business since 1992.

Earlier El Segundo lost Moto Art when they decided to move down to Torrance. Farm Stand and Mandy’s had also packed up and left.

More Moving In

Yet with all of those moving out, there is no shortage of folks wanting to move in. El Gringo has replaced Farm Stand, Johnny Memphis replaced Mandy’s. But it doesn’t stop there, bigger players are coming. And they are coming hard.

Workshop Enoteca will jump into the Memphis BBQ spot (we did the story here ) and is expected to open in early June. With the blue-chip players the Italian-food bar will now be raised in town with regards to restaurants.

Hence Deluca Trattoria’s banner announcing they are closing and apparently coming back in June.

Deluca’s has had some shifting of their own landscape over the past while. At one point, while dining there,  I had talked to the staff and they told me that the owners were trying to make a decision about which way they wanted to go. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but I guessed whether they wanted to carry on or close up shop.

Not sure if Workshop Enoteca has anything to do with what looks like a revamp or not? They windows are completely papered and I guess we will just have to see what June brings. Of course right around the corner is the coming of the new pizza-and-beer concept by the El Segundo Brewery.

The changing of El Segundo has some upset that more and more, so-called, mom-and-pop shops are exiting. But others say that people investing in property here in town need to get full-market value of their investments. The problem is it is getting pricier and pricier to own commercial property. This in turn drives up the rents needed to support the investments.

One thing we do know for sure is what McCormick is doing. “I am moving the wholesale business into a warehouse and keeping it open,” he said. “I’m going to move everything online and do it through the internet. That is where everything is going anyway.”

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