El Segundo Art Walk Kicks Off With Some Surprises

The El Segundo Art Walk kicks off with some surprises. If the smiles on people’s faces was any indication, everyone had a great time. Not only did it feature some new businesses joining in but also a beer garden with food trucks and a stage.

And how could you not have a good time? This year featured a lot of great art in some amazing local venues. And featured this year, that hasn’t happened in the past, was a beer garden, with food trucks and entertainment, on the side of the fire station along Grand Ave. on the corner of Main St.

The El Segundo Art Walk was started a few years back by a group of local business people. It goes on the third Thursday of the summer months. The event draws not only residents but many from the surrounding areas as well.

Businesses in El Segundo open their facilities to artists to display their work. People meander through the streets visiting different locations. On display are a number of different art pieces. Most are offered for sale from the artist or a representative.

New Locations

This year saw most of the established locations returning. Smoky Hollow Studio, South Bay Customs, Holly Socrates and Brewport Tap House for example. But there were also some newcomers. Workshop Enoteca and Bike-O-Rama both opened their doors to artists this year.

Walking through the venues didn’t seem as crowded as in years past. But that could probably be explained by the fact that the Art Walk has spread out. What used to be focused on Richmond St., Main St. and Smoky Hollow has now starting to spread further north past Grand Ave. on Main St.

The displacing of the event made parking seem easier. As well, Swoop was proving shuttle service for the evening between various locations.

With one down, the next Art Walk is set for July 19.


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