El Segundo Has Come a Long Way

El Segundo has come a long way. Think about that for a minute. Where did this city start and where is it now? And on what level?

From the early days of small cottages, to the large homes now popping up everywhere. The early days of quaint businesses to the large chains that have anchored here now. From the days of having a car dealership on Main St to being the home of many Fortune 500 companies now. Yes, El Segundo has come a long way.

El Segundo observer

It is because of this that we launched the El Segundo Observer. After living in town for about 10 years, we decided that added an online presence with a touch of personality would be an asset. Yes we know, there are other online publications. Yes, there are great groups on Facebook. But we think we can bring a different perspective to some things.

Our goal here is to inform our community. If we see some interesting things we will post them. If we notice stuff that will make your life easier, we will tell you about it. We can track openings and closings of new businesses in town.

At the end of the day we can also get to know the characters of our fine city. You see, they can tell the story of how El Segundo has come a long way. They are part of the fabric of our town. This beach community was built on characters through the years and we look forward to getting to know some of the current ones.

El Segundo has come a long way. We can’t wait to see where it is going.


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