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Ah, yes, summer is almost here. And what could be better than heading down to the beautiful beaches that El Segundo offers and put your feet in the warm Pacific. Water feels great as you stroll along, you can feel the stress leaving your body. Suddenly something wraps around your leg. You look down expecting to discover some sort of a sea creature, but much to your dismay, looking back at you is a plastic bag.

Disgusted, you turn around to head back to your car. Along the way you step over a plastic food container, empty, looking back at you, daring you to pick it up. And whose plastic forks are those?

Since the beginning of time we have called the ocean our friend. Sadly that friendship has become abusive because the way we have been treating it. As people have occupied the coastal areas we have become sloppy with how we dispose of our plastic food containers. Many of them have ended up back in our beautiful waters. And that isn’t good.

To combat this, cities all around El Segundo are putting in actual bans on one-time use plastic containers. Manhattan Beach is the latest. They joined Santa Monica and Malibu by outlawing plastic straws, utensils and food containers. It goes into effect in January, 2019.

Is El Segundo Next?

Many in El Segundo are wondering if we are next? People are passionate about the subject but tentative to really speak up. Those we spoke with were happy to comment but didn’t want to use their last names.

“If people would recycle it would be fine,” said Michael at Chicken Dijon on Main St. “But the fact is they don’t.”

That seems to be the running theme. Many people said they wouldn’t be opposed to follow the other beach cities at all.

“I think it is great,” said Margie. “I saw a show the other day where Mario Lopez was drinking his drink using a piece of pasta as a straw. We have to be different on how we think.”

Even those owning or working in local restaurants were in favor. Estella at the Fantasic Cafe on Main St. didn’t think it would be an issue.

“No, not a big problem,” she said. “A lot of people say they will throw their containers out and recycle but they don’t. We have a lot of plastic going into the ocean now.”

One business owner said that he was already looking at alternatives.

“Well oddly enough, I was looking into plastic straws,” he said. “As far as utensils the only thing I can think of is bamboo. Both of which are expensive.”

He went on to talk about the cost, mentioning that the paper straws are three times more expensive.

The world is a growing place and El Segundo is along for the ride. But with growth comes added responsibilities. Our ocean is one of them.

Nothing has been tabled in any official manor here in town. With that said, it certainly is interesting It doesn’t seem like there would be a lot of opposition if it was.

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  • Gundo Loose says:

    Did we forget about a hundred years ago living next to the beach was not desirable? Why because we dumped raw sewage into the oceans. UNTREATED. Oh yeah. Lee which was t visible, but number two. Brown logs, for those that had a short journey. Yes, it is as seeing plastic waste, but there is also a lot of other waste on outlet beach. Maybe we should ban everything. So what does one do if they order takeout and they are in need of utensils to consume the food they purchased? Throw it away? Perhaps they should have ordered something else. Never mind being neatly or perhaps having a medical condition that requires tonoder sonething that will require (god forbid) a plastic knife, let alone a fork. Straws. Heck
    I remember the wax coated States growing up failing as they sat in the soda. Again needing utensil to consume foods. What if metal knives, spoons and forks made it into the ocean? They can’t be all that good either. Plastic bags, for the most part are banned in California, yet one can go online to such sites as Amazon and order a case or two and have them delivered right to their front door effectively negating the van on singkevuse bags. I know someone who is doing this as she used the bags for the presets her cars leave vehind. There are many positives and negatives. Think.

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