Inside Our Biggest Stories So Far

Taking a look inside our biggest stories so far is sort of interesting. They all came about almost by accident but sometimes you just walk into things. All were interesting in their own way. And, all seemed to have sparked some interesting thoughts from our readers which is the purpose of all of this.

The first story was the one about El Segundo Brewery. The building on Grand Ave. is nice and it corners on Richmond. The windows were papered which usually means somebody is coming in. Always curious, I took a look at the ABC permit that they require you to post in the window.

When you think about it this really makes sense. The brewery has done well and nothing goes together like pizza and beer. Plus to get a character building in the downtown area is a great win.

It seemed like the brewery was trying to fly under the radar. That sort of ended when Eater LA picked up the story. The story sort of grew once it was picked up.

New Drive Thru

Chick-fil-A was interesting because the company either gets raving fans or they get people who are not because of some of the controversy the company has produced in the past.

This is one of the only national chains that remains closed on Sunday. They have some strong beliefs that has brought them into the news at points. Add to that you have another large, national chain coming into El Segundo. I ran into a lot of residents who really want to keep it a small town and are opposed to big business.

Plastic Forks

The story that probably sparked the most amount of comments and likes was the piece on the banning plastics. Nothing came close to the passion of local residents. While talking to people in town, I found that many were really in agreement that everyone says they will take care of their containers and forks but they never do.

What I really found interesting is how pro active that many of the owners of the restaurants in town were on finding solutions. It is almost like they are expecting this to happen. It looks like they are trying to get ahead of the game. This should be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

LA Times

Inside our biggest stories so far has to contain the story of the Los Angeles Times moving to El Segundo. Somebody called me and told me this was happening. A reader also sent me something. I have a lot of connections to the LA Times through my other businesses. I have done business with them for years so feel I have some insight to the company.

Over the years I have had many repeat the opening remarks of the new Publisher or Editor rolling in. Some have been jaw dropping. When the sale was announced and the employees were told they were moving to El Segundo, it was big news.

The story got published and I had talked to many of the writers and editors all week about the move. All of it was off the record but I found our conversations really interesting. Of course that comes with corresponding with people who write for a living.

A lot of the LA Times employees are scared. And that is normal. This is a major change to their world. Many have family ties that have been set up for years in certain neighborhoods. I am sure that there is no way they ever thought they would be moving out the LA Times building. But that day came and they had to deal with it.

Coffee With The Mayor

Over the course of all of this I sat down for coffee with Mayor Suzanne Fuentes. Sitting at the Blue Butterfly Coffee Co.,  one afternoon, we had a great conversation about El Segundo. She was a week away from stepping out of office. We talked about her time in the chair and one thing she reminded me of is that El Segundo isn’t just on this side of Supulveda or PCH (depending on what they are calling it this week). She noted there are a lot of things happening on the so-called other side of the street.  We have the LA Kings and the LA Lakers just to name a couple.

Inside our biggest stories so far have come to us from various avenues. The great thing is they have us communicating with each other about our great town.

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