LA Kings Grab Last Place And Hold On

The LA Kings grab last place and hold on. It is not a title that most, or anyone for that matter, wants. Yet the Kings seem to be focused on retaining it. You need to look no further than Thursday’s loss to the Philadelphia Flyers as proof.

After getting down 1-0 in the first period, the Kings jumped back into the game by tying it midway through the second. Then, less than a minute later, the Flyers pounded one home themselves to bounce back out in front. A few minutes later they hammered another one home to take command and never look back. The Kings dumped that one 5-2 at the Staples Center.

That game was just one of many this season where the team simply has no answers. And no answers is a huge problem to a professional sports team. Especially one that is based in Los Angeles with so much competition surrounding it.

Now What?

So where do we go from here? There is a lot of talent on this hockey team. Yes, they are a little old and slow, but they have some serious players. The question is, how do they get them to go as a unit? Right now it looks like one giant cluster on the ice. And motivation looks to be just one of a number of fixes that need to be addressed.

Not long ago, fans were calling for coach John Stevens to be canned. Now it is deeper than that. Many at the game last night stated that the team should just blow itself up. The suggestion is that we get rid of the so-called core of the team. Get for them what we can and start fresh.

Goaltender Jonathan Quick is out injured. He had some work done to his knee and may be gone a couple of months. Unfortunately this is becoming common place with him. But, at 32 and with a mega contract and a history of injuries lately, what would the team get back for him?

Fire Sale

The feeling last night in the lower bowl of the Staples Center was to get rid of everyone except for Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar. Everyone else can be moved and start fresh. Take what you can get for them and build off of that.

The biggest problem in that theory is what would you get for a lot of them? Many are overpaid. That is fine if you are producing, but if you are not, that would equal a fire sale. Never a good position to be in.

It is clear that a major change is needed and it is needed now. The longer the team waits, the bigger the climb out of this mess with be. Hope and waiting is certainly not a plan.

The Columbus Blue Jackets roll into to town on Saturday night. The Kings will get yet another chance to start digging out. Keep an eye out for any alerts indicating changes before then.

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