Meet Our New Food Critic The Luchador

Meet our new food critic the Luchador. Wait, you have a masked wrestler reviewing food and restaurants? What the heck is going on here?

Great question. I guess to fully understand it we need to dig in and meet the masked man. I mean what kind of a person walks around wearing a mask from the famed Mexican style of wrestling called Lucha Libre?

In some respects, the Luchador has been involved in the food industry since he was about 16. For a couple of years, he and a friend ran a take-out pizza place at a resort area. The two were responsible for ordering cooking and selling as many pies as they could.

Luchador Travels The World

Many years later, the Luchador traveled the world. He has eaten at some of the best restaurants in cities such as Geneva, Vienna, Cairo, Mexico City and New York just to name a few. The Luchador has enjoyed tacos from the street in Mexico, seafood on the beach in Cuba, aged steaks in New York City and poutine in New Brunswick, Canada.

At one point he owned a bar. There he took a depleted area of revenue and boosted it 400 percent over what he had when he first arrived with a whole new menu.

So how does a man with a mask do all of this? Surprise, surprise, he was actually a professional wrestler, including spending three years in Mexico. And during this time he was lucky enough to be taken out by the locals to some of the best restaurants in various world cities. Not only did he experience many a high-end night, but by always befriending locals, he had some of the best inside dishes on many continents.

Welcome to Mexico

His food growth wasn’t always an easy transition however. For example, his first trip into Mexico turned out to be a huge misunderstanding. Not comprehending¬† that all tacos don’t come in a crispy shell, he spent 30 minutes arguing with a man, who didn’t speak English, about what a real taco was. Needless to say he had a new understanding.

The Luchador is looking forward to celebrating the many great foods of the South Bay. Getting to know the stories behind the restaurants. And finding some seriously delicious meals.

Come along for the ride El Segundo. He may even call on his old wrestling buddy Dirty Dan Denton. Should be a blast!

You can follow the Luchador on Instagram @luchadorcooks

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