Mother’s Market And Kitchen Inches Closer To Open In Fresh & Easy Site

There is a lot of activity going on at the old Fresh And Easy site on Rosecrans. Workers are now on the site daily as the company that started in 1978 in Costa Mesa gets closer to opening its doors here in the South Bay.

“This place is going to be nice,” said one of the construction workers on site. “They are going with all new everything in here.”

The company is a big hit in Orange County. The company is known for sourcing fruit and vegetables locally. They feature focus on organic, non GMO, low-carb products. They tend to skew to the health conscious. Also featured are a number of different vitamins and supplements.

Love Yoga

Formed in the 70’s, the company came about when a number of local yoga enthusiasts got together to open a natural food market and restaurant. Their focus was on vegetarian food and the products that went around it.

Over the years the company has grown to seven locations and looking to add more. The stores have become part of their local communities. They will often hold health seminars on a published schedule at their locations.

Fresh & Easy

The location was originally the flagship location for Fresh & Easy. The company was owned by Tesco in the United Kingdom. They came over to start a small grocery chain that would run through California, Nevada and Arizona. Unfortunately they did it at the worst of economic ties and shut down operations in 2015.

Fresh & Easy was sold off to Yucaipa Companies in 2013. That company tried to initially eliminate some stores and run the rest. The end was in sight however.

Mother’s Market and Kitchen has had signs on the building for months now with no movement inside. Now it appears that it is full steam ahead. It will be open later in the year.

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