Open Letter to the Moving Committee of the LA Times

This is an open letter to the moving committee of the LA Times. Oh, what a week it has been. There was that crazy rumor floating around that you were going to the wrong side of the 405 freeway. Yup, somebody whispered that you would be taking up new space in, God forbid, El Segundo. A knee slapper I know, can you imagine?

Well, yeah, actually we can. And so can the thousands who call El Segundo home. That’s right, there are people who both live and work in El Segundo and don’t think of it as the Siberia of Los Angeles. Hmmm. . .that’s odd.

According to numerous reports there has been some push back from some of the employees about coming to the beach? Really?

So in this open letter to the moving committee of the LA Times we wanted to point out a few things. El Segundo is a wonderful city. Total strangers will say hello at the store. That may sound strange but it happens.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Turner and I started this little online publication to celebrate our town. We have humbly only been online for less than a month. We have had some great feedback from the residents of our community and are excited about the venture.

Not only am I a resident of this great town, I am also the guy who has probably spent over a million dollars with you on advertising. I did that as a corporate fixer in the automotive industry. I considered the LA Times an advertising partner in my turn-around plans for many of the stores that I went in to fix. As my turn-around partner, I have heard all the inside stories about the leadership of the paper as the revolving door started to swing. Some of the meetings were described to me as absolutely classic. I have many friends who work at your paper and love getting the different perspectives of the latest changes whatever they may be. Yes, I am a big fan of newspapers and you are one of America’s anchors in that regard.

I am also a guy with extensive journalism experience. I have won awards with the Thomson newspaper chain for work I did as a beat and feature writer. As well, I won an award for my coverage of Woodstock 94 while working for Billboard Publications Inc. (BPI). Also, I was also the first stringer hired in Mexico City by CNN. I covered the Mexican President, Carlos Salinas. Down in El Salvador I sat with the guerrillas in the jungle who were no more than kids but were strapped with AK-47’s. I have worked as a writer, columnist and editor during my journalism career before moving on to business ventures.

With all that said, I feel like I am qualified to be a liaison between our beautiful city and you, the conglomerate built on bringing top-notch journalism to the great city of Los Angeles.

El Segundo Has A Lot To Offer

El Segundo has a lot to offer. We have a number of great restaurants that will cover everything from steak to Greek to Italian. We have the coolest little breakfast spots. One was apparently cool enough for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant to hash out deal terms for the LA Lakers.

Our city features a lot great places to blow off steam. We have a couple of bars that would rival Cheers for friendliness. There some that features as many beers as you can drink on tap. Hell, we even have a Tiki bar. Who has that? Coffee shops that feature everything from butterflies to guns and all else in between.

Love Mexican food? We have everything from chain places to small, family-run spots. And as for Places of Worship, we basically have all bases covered there as well.

Feel like you need to work all that food off, jump into one of our gyms which come in all shapes and sizes. We also have a couple of bike shops and when you are done there you can ride over to one of our local galleries or even our automobile museum.

We Are A City Of Champions

So dear moving committee of the LA Times, we know you are the big, bad news organization. But we have a couple big boys here as well. Maybe you have heard of the LA Lakers who have won a number NBA championships. And of course our beloved LA Kings who thought our quaint little city was good enough to show off their two Stanley Cups here. Maybe we can march one of your Pulitzer’s up and down Main St.

As for the commute, I saw one report that said that time on the road could increase to over four hours for some people? Where in Arizona do those people live? Is there no way to work around the traffic? Could you come in earlier or even later? If you are going to be here for 100 years, here is an even crazier idea, how about relocate? I mean seriously?

Our schools here in town are second to none. There are few cities that are as family orientated as this one. Start with our fireworks show on July 4th and move on from there. And let’s not even mention our great police and fire departments. Crime is laughable compared to other areas.

Dear moving committee of the LA Times, life is not over as you know it. Let’s call it what it is, change is in the air. You have been on the decline for a few years. Change has to happen. The slide has to stop and turned around immediately. You will built on rock solid foundations and now they are crumbling.

This move to El Segundo may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Hopefully you will open yourself up to change. If you do, we expect you to be doing a letter like this to the next large business that sticks its nose up about moving to Mayberry by the beach.

Yup, you’re gonna love it here!!!

Welcome to El Segundo!


  • Laura Keating says:

    They same LA Times who were so gung ho about road diets when they affected the Beach Cities??? They are now complaining about commute times! Hahaha. Karma baby!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m a born and raised “Valley girl”. My family moved to El Segundo for almost a year ago. I have fallen in love with this city. Downtown is cute, and feels like a small town. People are friendly. I was almost taken aback when we first moved here. People actually said, “Hello!” or “Good morning” to me, a stranger, while walking down the street. My son and I go to the library for Story-time, and frequent Blue Butterfly ? in Main St. I also love that just down the street in Sepulveda are some “big city” retailers. I just got my Rec card, and hope to sign him up for one or two of the myriad of summer classes offered this year. And the parks, don’t get me started on the parks. There are three parks within a 10 minute walk from my house, 5 within a 15-20 minute walk. Parents from the surrounding cities come to the parks in El Segundo, because they are cleaner, have friendly people, and there are so many to choose from. I’ve already told my husband that if I have any say we will not move back to the valley, ever.

  • Mike says:

    Sounds like you are proud of your town for all the right reasons. Great article. Keep them coming.
    Thank you

  • I enjoy what you guys tend too be upp too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up thee fantastic works guys I’ve included youu guys to my personal blogroll.

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