Our Town is Changing

Is the small-town image of El Segundo slowly leaving? That is the question that many are asking as more and more bars and restaurants continue to roll in. With that comes an influx of fresh dollars and it also throws Mayberry into spotlights it hasn’t seen in a number of years.

That is only one sign of the oncoming changes, but the one many residents are asking about is the mansionizing of seemingly every small cottage that gets sold on the market. Seems you can go down any street and see a structure that appears bigger and better than the one you just saw on the street before.

Some long-time residents are concerned. They moved here because it was a quant, little town. Now they are finding that the new money rolling in is willing to be spread around. People are leaving other beach cities and heading here for the perceived value. They enjoy the way things go with this city and want to make it home. But they want to make it home on their terms.

Other residents love it. They figure that with the bigger homes that their home values will head north as well.
What does it all mean. Times are changing and we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is certain in all of this, it is going to interesting.

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