So A Luchador Walks Into the Richmond Bar & Grill

So a Luchador walks into the Richmond Bar & Grill. Sounds like the start of a good joke but actually he wanted to sit down and try the burger. And try the burger her did, along with the chili-cheese fries. Oh, and don’t forget the fried pickles.

Looking over the menu, the night would start with some basic bar food, namely fried pickles. You can sort of see how the dinner is going to go by a fried-pickle app. The coating should be crisp and the inside piping hot. These should be set so that when you take a bite, you are sort of holding it in your mouth and breathe all around it in order to cool it down.

The pickles did not disappoint. They were plenty hot and, even after they were set in the dipping sauce, they still needed to be cooled. That is a good sign.

Main Event

Now it was time to tackle the main event. Anytime a restaurant puts something called “Killer Burger” on a menu, it is basically an open challenge. So that is what was ordered along with the chili-cheese fries. And away we go.

The burger is special because it is served with a quarter-pound, spicy sausage covered with jack cheese. It looked great when it hit the table. We will tackle the fries in a minute but first the meat sandwich.

The Killer Burger was correctly cooked. It was not under done or tough as could be. It was exactly how ordered. The sausage was excellent and the toppings were fresh and tasty as well.  Enclosing the burger was a fresh bun. Nothing worse than have a great burger but an old bun.

The taste was great and the seasoning just right. The Luchador loves some spice so the sausage on top was the perfect fit. Nice flavor with a bit of zing. The entire ensemble tasted great.

So the Killer Burger was conquered but out of nowhere was a challenge that nobody saw coming. Those chili-cheese fries were next. And they came prepared.

Having spent years in Mexico traveling the country, the Luchador has become slightly addicted to very spicy food. On this side of the border he has a hard time meeting that challenge. Well not here.

Let’s Talk Chili

First of all the chili is excellent. Secondly they completely smother the fries with it and cheese. This isn’t a place where they throw a little on to make it artsy and a good photo. No, this is the real deal. But, wait, there is more.

The Luchador asked if they had any hot sauce. He was directed to a wall that was covered with hot sauce. He was in hot-sauce heaven. But even with all of that, he was asked if he would like the really, really hot stuff? After a nod, he got an offer of the private stash behind the bar. You know, the kind that has to be kept out of the hands of children, or most adults, as they may need medical attention? He loaded it up and was off. It was another level.

Tie this entire dish together and it is certainly not for the weak of heart. Come in hungry and prepare to leave full. Richmond Bar & Grill has been around for approximately 40 years. After this meal, it is not hard to see why!

Richmond Bar & Grill, 145 Richmond St., El Segundo, 310 322-7397

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