The Luchador Heads Into El Segundo’s Deluca Pasta

The Luchador heads into Deluca Pasta. He sits down and orders a meal. And what a meal it was. He has had visits there during previous incarnations. None came close to equaling the new offerings. Especially featuring his favorite pasta dish. . .lasagna.

In full disclosure, I had gone to this restaurant a couple of times in the past. It was always a very pleasant place with the staff and the ambience. At one point there was even some really cool music offered on certain nights. During those visits the experience always went well when pasta was ordered. However, the pizza situation was a disaster. The first time a pepperoni and mushroom pizza was asked for and the waitress was confused about it. I told her you mix the two on a pizza. Well, she came back with a half pep and half mushroom pizza. She told me the cook didn’t know how to read English?

The second time was just before it closed down for the current make over. Again, I went with a pizza. It was ordered well down but came out literally burned black. I didn’t know how it got past a cook, waitress and food runner. Rather than argue about it I just left and never went back in. The restaurant closed not long after. It promised to come back bigger and better and I couldn’t have been happier.

Complete Overhaul

The offering of Deluca Pasta is a complete overhaul of the business. It looked like the owners wanted to start with a clean slate. And they certainly made a number of moves in the right direction to do so. They have been sourcing local ingredients, local companies such as Smokey Hollow Bakery, El Segundo Brewing Co. and Blue Butterfly Coffee.

But even with the elevation of using local businesses, the main event here is the fresh pasta. And when I saw main event, I mean serious main event. The difference on having the fresh pasta versus store bought at other places is like night and day. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of the meal a number of days after I had visited.

In my travels on the wrestling tour, I have eaten at restaurants all over the world. Some good, some bad and some spectacular. The best lasagna I have ever eaten was at a small place in Lake Como, Italy. I will say that the lasagna at Deluca Pasta came very close to it. And I mean very close. Absolutely amazing.

First of all it comes as a real portion. Nothing I hate more than getting a tiny slice of this great dish. The sauce was placed on it as a sauce and not as a decoration as I’ve seen in some cities. Then biting in, there are layers here. It takes a second to digest them all and, more importantly, to recognize them. You can taste the herbs and spices, you can taste the cheese with just a hint of tartness but it is the freshness of the pasta that almost knocked me off my chair.

Enjoy the Dish

This is a dish to be eater slow and thoughtfully. Let it sit with you. Ignore those you came with and have a conversation with your mouth and this great dish. Absorb it and let it simmer. I loved it and raved about it to others.

Leading up to the lasagna, I went with a minestrone. It was heaping with fresh vegetables and nicely seasoned. Liked that too. Very hearty.

The staff was very friendly. Watched over the table and was more than willing to get anything I asked for. Very cool vibe and those around me seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

When the business opened I stayed away. I don’t think it is fair to go in anywhere and judge a business while they are still getting their feet under them. I finally held out as long as I could. It appears everything is up and running smoothly. Good for them.

This should be a welcomed treat in El Segundo.

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