The Luchador Reels In a Fish Taco in El Segundo

The Luchador reels in a fish taco in El Segundo. He does it at Ensenada’s Surf N Turf Grill and lands a whooper. As a matter of fact, he goes back in a week later to make sure it was as good as he thought.

Ensenada’s Surf N Turf Grill is the sister restaurant of Lawndale’s, Baja California Fish Tacos. That location was first and then came El Segundo under a different name. Although called something else, the legions of fans who flock to the new location are the same.

Going into this assignment the Luchador had heard about the long lines to get in for a taco in Lawndale. In this day and age of restaurants, this is almost unheard of. As a matter of fact the only ones that come to mind have to do with either tacos, such as Tito’s Tacos in Culver, or one of the new Nashville, hot-chicken places. So needless to say curiosity was at an all-time high.

Fish Tacos

Heading in, it took a second to figure out the menu. Basically the fish tacos come either fried or grilled. You can get them with or without the combo plate which comes with the usual rice and beans. There are also a number of different ceviches on the menu. You can get it with fish, shrimp and imitation crab. You can also get it with chile mixed in to make it spicy.

The Luchador held off on the combo. Instead of going with the combo, he went with two fried, fish tacos and the shrimp ceviche. Did the same on both visits to check consistency by the way.

Let’s start with the tacos. They are simply amazing. Perfectly cooked and just enough breading on the fish to compliment it and not kill it. This means that you can actually taste the moist, delicious fish all the way through.

Not only is the fish delicious on the taco but the tortillas, cabbage and sauce serves as a great supporting cast for the ensemble. To make it even better, the fish is a decent size, as are the tacos themselves.

Shrimp Ceviche

Moving on to the ceviche, all the ingredients were extremely fresh as well. As with the taco, the supporting salsa and juices act as a fine group of offensive linemen for their star running back, the shrimp. We can put it in football terms since the season is getting close.

After two visits the results were exactly the same. This food is delicious. It will keep you coming back and coming back with a smile. I am sure that you too, will do another taste test just to make sure it is “consistent”!



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