The Results Are In For Measure ES In El Segundo

The results are in for Measure ES in El Segundo. People had the chance to vote on this on November 6 during the elections. The measure was to issue bonds up to $92 million. This means that property owners will pay an additional tax of $0.043 for every $100 of assessed land value. The monies are to be used for school repairs, upgrades and addition equipment.

The vote was reported a yes by a margin of approximately 60-40 percent.

This is a huge victory to those who are involved with the school systems. They say some of the facilities are in dire need of upgrades on things like roofing and wiring. It will also help pay for technology such as computers etc.

Tax Term

The tax will be collected until 2053/54.

The victory was far from a slam dunk. While El Segundo is anchored by families who have children in schools, it also a city in transition. A growing population of residents have children who are no longer in school or have no children at all. Many of them were not happy about being saddled with yet another tax. This was reflected in the 40-percent NO vote.

To ensure the funds will be spent properly there will be a Citizens Oversight Committee that will monitor the proceedings.

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