Three Dishes To Try In El Segundo Weekend of Oct 6-7 2018

Here are three dishes to try in the El Segundo this weekend. They may not be the most popular and may be off the beaten path but we think you will like them.

Double Double

-The old standard when it comes to a classic LA burger. Two patties, two slices of cheese and everything else. Get it animal style for grilled onions and a mustard-cooked pattie. $3.45. In-N-Out. 600 N Pacific Coast Hwy., El Segundo

Tomato Basil

-Tomato Basil soup. Topped with shaved Romano cheese. $6.75. Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza. 780 Pacific Coast Hwy., El Segundo

Fish And Chips

-We like the Alaskan cod, not the halibut, fish and chips. Old-school style. $12.95. El Segundo Fish Co. 210 E Grand, El Segundo

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